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For over 20 years, our clinical services have been about building a relationship between the patient and the clinician. We always have a team approach with other professions to achieve the best result for our patients. Each amputee is treated as an individual with the main goal to improve your functionality in daily living activities, including work, rest and relaxation. Improving your comfort and function is our priority.

At Massons, we offer our clients the unique service of CADCAM technology to design custom prosthetic liners and sockets. The OMEGA CADCAM scanning system allows us to capture digital images of each individual client in order to design and manufacture the most ideal socket to match your limb shape and functional needs.

No plaster is required during the scanning process*

Massons design and fit custom prostheses for clients of all ages and functional levels:

  • Partial foot prostheses
  • BK (below knee)/transtibial
  • AK (above knee)/transfemoral
  • Upper limb: transhumeral, transradial, fingerrestoration
  • Osseointegration
  • Sport Prostheses

We are providers for:

  • NDIS
  • Workcover
  • TAC
  • DVA
  • All major Health Funds
  • SWEP
We are always open to discussing your individual goals and expectations. We will always endeavour to advise and help create achievable prosthetic goals to suit your needs.

We offer a Custom-Made Design Liner service.

For amputees with less than optimal shaped residual limbs, Alpha DESIGN® Liners by WillowWood provide unparalleled comfort and fit.

Alpha DESIGN Liners offer custom comfort and an intimate fit. Clinical Practitioners have complete control when creating the liners with OMEGA® Tracer®. Gel placement, patterns and thickness as well as fabric type and colour may be tailored to suit the patient’s limb shape. 

Gel may be up to 25 mm thick which is especially useful for patients with invaginated or bony limbs. Gel at the proximal edge of the Alpha DESIGN® liner and behind the knee may be as thin as 3 mm for greater comfort and range of knee motion.


Available for upper and lower extremity applications, Alpha DESIGN Liners are a great alternative when off-the-shelf liners won’t do the job.

To read more information on Custom Design Liners CLICK HERE

WillowWood One System

Massons offer advanced socket systems from WillowWood called the One System for both below (transtibial) and above knee (transfemoral) amputees.

Reliable suspension for transfemoral and transtibial amputees has been elusive due to the difficulty of maintaining airtight seals or having to reflect liners.

The WillowWood One® System provides a secure, comfortable and straightforward solution that allows for the option of elevated, active vacuum suspension or standard, passive vacuum suspension.

To read more on the Willow Wood One System CLICK HERE

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