Lock System WJT 4 Version Shuttle Lock, Waterproof

Lock System WJT 4 Version Shuttle Lock, Waterproof
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  • Waterproof
  • Especially suitable for AK and BK prostheses with large distal stump circumferences
  • Construction height: 75 mm
  • Exchangeable locking mechanism
  • Locking mechanism can easily be switched from clutch to shuttle version
  • Locks with audible signal
  • Hard-coated aluminum body
  • Easy to unlock under tensile load
  • Mechanism locks with steps for a secure connection
  • Suitable for laminated and thermoformed sockets
  • Weight limit: 125 kg

Scope of Delivery

  • Lock system incl. pin M10, 35 mm long
  • Locking mechanism for waterproof shuttle lock system “left-hand thread”
  • 3-prong adapter REF AP.SS-800BASE-W
  • Stainless steel user key

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