META™ Arc Foot

META™ Arc Foot
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The META™ Arc is a moderate-to-high activity carbon fiber prosthetic foot with a revolutionary unibody design. This patent-pending breakthrough reduces weight, free of wraps, and hardware.

An integrated, biomimetic ankle joint offers unparalleled inversion and eversion range of motion.

Best of both worlds – a lightweight, dynamic spring frame returns greater than 95% energy, with a split keel for superior stability and ground compliance on various terrain.

Product Highlights:

  • Polycentric ankle
  • Boltless, unibody carbon fiber design
  • Greater than 95% dynamic spring
  • Energy return
  • Split keel
  • Corrosion and water resistant

Heel Height 10 mm (3/8″)

Weight 718 g*

Build Height 113 MM (4.45″)

META™ Arc Webinar May 25th

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