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NEURO SWING System Ankle Joint

The NEURO SWING system ankle joint dynamically brings the patient into an upright position and improves the patient’s stability while walking and standing. In dorsiflexion, the motion control is achieved through an integrated, increased dorsiflexion assist or against the resistance of the anterior spring unit. In plantar flexion, motion control ensures a controlled lowering of the foot and a controlled tibial progression with knee flexion moment during loading response via the posterior spring unit.

The system joint provides a dynamic and adjustable dorsiflexion and plantar flexion stop. The stops are set by the spring units. The orthosis’ alignment is adjustable. The range of motion and the spring force can be adjusted in dorsiflexion as well as in plantar flexion by exchanging the spring units. The system joint adjustments do not influence each other. Therefore, they can be changed separately and independently.

Furthermore, the NEURO SWING system ankle joint was designed with plug + go modularity. This means that it can be converted to any other system ankle joint with plug + go modularity by exchanging the functional unit.

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