RevoFit 2

RevoFit 2
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15% more time for new patients.

66% reduction in re-fitting events

3x more likely to deliver the right fit the first time.

Will adjustable sockets make your practice more profitable? Crunch the numbers in seconds...

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Targeted Compression

The adjustable multi-panel socket design can provide both global and targeted compression.

Adjustable Through Clothing

There is no need to remove clothing or add socks to adjust the fit of the socket.

Micro/Macro Adjustments

Each “click” of the dial provides 1 mm of movement for compression. When used correctly, the system can adjust for up to 10 ply of sock changes.

Seated Comfort

Dial can be easily released though clothing to provide seated comfort.

Rapid Donning & Doffing

By releasing the tension in the system, donning and doffing becomes an easy experience for bulbous ends or large volume fluctuations.

High Strength

The 4:1 mechanical advantage Boa® dial is easy to operate and supports 220 lbs/100 kg of patient weight per system.

Ordering Info:

CM - PK2150-320-05 - RevoFit2TM Diagnostic Kit

CM - PK2000-320-05 - RevoFit2TM Lamination Kit

CM - PK2010-320-05 - RevoFit2TM Lamination Kit X10

CM - PK0060-000-10 - RevoFit2TM Replacement Lace Kit

CM - RP0100-320-05 - RevoFit2TM Replacement Dial Kit

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