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Adjust with two fingers and a twist.

Patients easily adjust tension to achieve proper suspension throughout the day.

Secure Suspension Regardless of Limb Position

Adjustable tension allows for the limb to be properly suspended at all times, reducing pistoning.

Great for Patients with Limited Strength

The powerful dial allows the user to draw in the liner even with limited strength and/or dexterity.

Reduces Fall Potential

Guarantees a secure suspension method in all environments.

Automatic Alignment

The RevoLock Lanyard automatically aligns the limb in the socket, eliminating pin lock frustrations.

Adjustable Though Clothing

The dial can be operated through clothing, allowing the patient to adjust suspension or limb position as their volume changes.

Don While Seated

RevoLock Lanyard gives patients the ability to fully draw the limb into the socket, even when seated.

Ordering Info:

CM -PK3000-220-05  RevoLock Lanyard, Black    

CM -PK3001  RevoLock Dummy    

CM -RP3000-220-05   Lanyard Dial and Lace Replacement Kit    

CM -RP3001-000-05   Lanyard Re-lacing Kit    

CM -RP3002-000-05   RevoLock Lanyard - Lower Ex Threaded Insert    

CM -RP3003-000-05   RevoLock Lanyard -  Upper Ex Threaded Insert    

CM -LOK020  300# Spectra Lace (10 Meters)

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