RevoLock 4 Hole

RevoLock 4 Hole
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Goodbye frustration. Hello secure suspension.

With RevoLock®, you can easily pull your limb into your socket and maintain proper suspension all day.

What is RevoLock?

RevoLock is a kit that your provider builds into your socket. It offers an easy, simple and secure solution so that you achieve proper suspension, anywhere, anytime.

Why use it?

• The easy-to-turn dial draws your limb into position, even when seated

• Avoid falls by safely donning your socket while seated

• Drawing your limb into position, rather than pushing into your socket, reduces skin shear issues

• Easily adjust through your clothing as volume and activities change

• Frustrated by your current pin lock system? Then RevoLock is a great solution!

Who should use it?

Those who struggle with their current suspension system, or those looking for an innovative suspension approach.

We have successfully outfitted patients who have trouble locating a pin lock pin, have long or bulbous limbs, experience large volume change each day, or change activity often.

We have also seen great benefits for patients who struggle with balance when donning their socket or who have limited range of motion.

How does it work?

To donn, you simply snap in your liner and turn the Click®

Reel to pull your limb into your socket. To doff, turn thereel in

the opposite direction to release and unsnap from the linerto

disconnect from your socket.

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