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Learn how to order wholesale from massons Healthcare
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Step 1. Filing a credit application

To become a wholesale customer of Massons Healthcare, please fill out our digital credit application form below or print out our PDF credit application form and email it to info@massonshealthcare.com.au

Your application will be processed within a few business days and then you'll be ready to order! Wholesale customers are usually on 30 day accounts or you can choose to pay upfront with EFT.

Credit Application Form

Step 2. Order products from our Catalogues and Pricelist

Once you are a Massons Wholesale Customer, you will receive a price-list for our expansive range of over 20,000 products.  We stock everything from manufacturing & workshop materials to straps, buckles and pads.

To order, simply send an email with the product codes and quantity of the items you want to purchase and we will create an invoice on your 30 day account.

Massons can also process purchase orders if you are purchasing from a hospital or medical department.


Step 3. Discover new products!

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We are always looking for new and innovative products to distribute throughout the P & O industry in Australia, NZ & Singapore.

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