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Massons Healthcare has been at the forefront of CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacture) services for the Orthotic and Prosthetic (O&P) industry in Australia and surrounding regions for over fifteen years. We use different CAD CAM systems daily for different clinical and technical design and fabrication requirements, and we are happy to share our experiences with you.

In the regions we service (including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore), we are seeing more clinicians and technicians in the O&P field integrate CAD CAM systems into their daily practice and operations.

Although there is still a place for plaster negative and positive models in our industry, more individuals are seeing the benefits of using CAD CAM and using less plaster, amongst other benefits including saving time with fabrication.

Reach out to any of our team at Massons and we are happy to discuss the various CAD CAM options available out there in the market and address your needs. We understand different people have different experience levels clinically and technically, and can accommodate accordingly.

Over the years at Massons, we have integrated and are using the following CAD CAM technologies in our clinical and fabrication setup in Melbourne:

OMEGA CAD CAM System, from WillowWood USA

  • Hardware and software used for producing prosthetic sockets, AFOs, KAFOs, spinal bracing, cranial helmets
  • OMEGA 3D high definition scanner, laptop compatible with scanner and CAD design software, OMEGA CAD design software, and OMEGA foam fabrication carver

Voxelcare CAD CAM, from Voxelcare Spain

  • Hardware and software used for producing custom insoles (foot orthotics)
  • Scanners, CAD design software, carvers

Ortis robotic carvers and associated components, from Roboticom Italy

  • 7 Axis robotic carvers and CAD software, used for producing foam models of AFOs, KAFOs, spinal bracing, cranial helmets, and more.
  • Can be combined with other CAD CAM technologies including WillowWood OMEGA

In addition to the above CAD CAM systems used daily in Melbourne, we supply these CAD CAM technologies to our hospital and clinic partners in our regions via our wholesale distribution channel, so they can use these systems effectively and efficiently. We also provide the necessary ongoing training, technical and clinical support required.

Together with our overseas manufacturer partners, we offer the most advanced and comprehensive solutions and support for your CAD CAM needs.

For more detailed information about our CAD CAM experience, training and support packages, contact us at Massons Healthcare.

We have clinical staff who have successfully trained users in Australia and New Zealand, as well as technicians who can be called upon to support the training program and to facilitate the transition from plaster to CAD CAM.

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