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SEP 15th 2021
10:00AM - 11:00AM
melbourne AEST Time

META Shock

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Neuro HiSwing

the First Hydraulic Ankle Joint in Orthotics


One revolutionary foot. one giant step forward.
Fior & Gentz

Now they are here

Neuro Vario 2 & Neuro Vario Swing

AFT Machinery & Materials

High quality products for your workshop and clinic

Alpha Truseal

Available Now for Amputees

Alpha Smart temp Liners

Keeps Amputees cool & Comfortable

Clubfoot Solutions

Treating clubfoot with the ponseti method

Adjustable Prosthetic Sockets

explore our advanced prosthetic systems


advanced orthotic joints For lifestyle

PMT Halo

the most reliable, easy to use and effective Halo structure available
PMT Halo Medical Halo

Clinical Services

We provide Clinical orthotic and prosthetic Patient Care services In Melbourne
Warehouse Massons Healthcare

Wholesale & Products

We import and distribute over 20,000 unique Prosthetic & Orthotic products across Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and surrounding regions in Asia Pacific.

This includes fabrication materials, prosthetic and orthotic components, Ponseti boots for Clubfoot and much more.

If you are looking for a specific item, send us a quick email:

Central Fabrication (CFAB)

Massons Healthcare's CFAB Department is well equipped to manufacture custom orthotic and prosthetic devices with the assistance of robotic carving and other advanced CAD/CAM technology.

We have new materials and componentry in stock, so turnaround times are quick.

We create custom AFOs, KAFOs, Cranial Helmets, Prosthetic Sockets, Foam Carvings and much more with our industry leading materials.

Explore our CFAB capabilities and see what we have to offer. We have an online web portal where you can log your jobs with us quickly & directly.

Explore CFAB
Massons Healthcare CFAB & Materials

Patient Stories

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