Massons Healthcare Design a liner service works to create a fully custom liner which fits you perfectly.
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So you may be wondering why to consider a custom Alpha DESIGN® Liner from Massons Healthcare?

Firstly, we encourage you to visit for more information on these custom liners.

This detailed DESIGN Liner page was put together by us at Massons, in collaboration with WillowWood to give both amputee end-users, their support networks and prosthetic clinical providers a better understanding of what Alpha DESIGN®Liners are, how they are used and ordered, and the key features and benefits of using such a product.

On our DESIGN Liner website, there are 4 main sections you can browse:

DESIGN Liners are custom profile and custom shaped liners (with gel on the inner surface and fabric options on the outside dependent on the model) offered to amputees to ensure a total contact fit between the user’s skin, liner, and prosthetic socket. These custom liners are great options when "off the shelf" models are not suitable and don’t allow a comfortable, total contact fit between the user’s skin and inner section of their liner.

More details on what DESIGN Liners are here:

We at Massons Healthcare custom design all DESIGN Liners with prosthetic clinicians and providers, using 3D OMEGA CAD software.

There are many clinical prosthetic providers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore offering Alpha DESIGN® Liners for their amputee clients- a list is available here:

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