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Scan & Design with OMEGA

Capture & Edit your patient's limb effortlessly with the high precise Omega Scanner.

The OMEGA system allows you to capture and modify patient limbs all within the OMEGA software.

OMEGA is designed to allow clinicians to quickly scan, modify and create orthotic and prosthetic devices without the need for plaster.

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Scan, Modify & Carve Foot Orthotics with Voxelcare

The Voxelcare system is an all in one Scan, Design & Carving Solution

The Voxelcare ecosystem includes cloud based software, all in once scanning & all in one carving units for EVA foams.

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Carve & Manufacture with ORTIS

Create highly precise modified Foam Carvings with the 7 Axis Ortis Carver.

You can use machines like our ORTIS 7 Axis carving machine to create highly precise foam carvings for your fabrication workshop.