Voxelcare Custom EVA Foot Orthotics

Voxelcare Custom EVA Foot Orthotics
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MASSONS HEALTHCARE has partnered with VOXELCARE to provide the latest in Cloud based Cad Cam Software to create precise custom made foot orthotics.

VOXELCARE is a software and hardware engineering company with over 18 years experience in the development of industrial applications ranging from special purpose CAD/CAM systems, contact and non contact 3D scanning devices, 2D scanning devices, industrial vision and CNC systems for different kind of machines.

MOST of the components of the industrial systems, like electronics, hardware, firmware and software are developed inside the company, which enables a high control on the product and a very small dependence on third party elements. This "most in house" policy leads to a very fast response product support and a great flexibility in product adjustment and modifications.

OUR markets are the worldwide footcare and footwear industry such as orthopaedic, podiatric and shoe producing companies. Voxelcare products are sold either directly or through a distribution network, with customers all over the world.

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We consider ourselves to be one of the market leaders in the manufacture of EVA Foot Orthotics.
We specialise in the manufacture of precision custom made Foot Orthotics via CADCAM technology powered by Voxelcare using the highest quality EVA's and Covering materials from around the world.

Orthotic Scanner and Carver Solution

The Voxelcare orthotics CAD design program development is based on 15 years of market experience in manufacturing and distributing CAD/CAM products combined with the running of their own orthotic manufacturing facilities. They have combined their experience with the feed back from orthopaedic specialists, orthotists and podiatrists who have used and continue to use Voxelcare, the result is an easy to use but powerful modification software.

Main alignment screen

Height gradient view

Material view

The following are the main operations and advantages of the Voxelcare CAD system.
Note: These processes are more easily explained with a demonstration, please call (03) 9898 0011 or email info@massonshealthcare.com.au to arrange an in service via skype in person or at our Melbourne offices.

Some of the CAD Operations:
• Load a full range of corrective, supportive or recess modules from the library
• Can be either cloud based or as a standalone system within your facilities IT architecture.
• Easily grade, change height and modify their shape in point-mode
• Change general basis height of the orthotic
• Create supination, pronation wedges on heel, toe area and total insole side
• Create intrinsic and extrinsic corrections
• Create toe leap and heel height
• Stretch the full orthotic in the direction you want
• Creates trimlines based on shoe size
• 3-point scan data aligning function
• Skive function
• Inverted balance
• Balance function
• Data smoothing
• Toe flattening
• Mirror functionality from left to right and reverse.
• Cover thickness removal
• Inverting function to create workable impressions from negative and positive data.
• Intelligent measurement functions

Main advantages

• Easy: you don't have to be a computer CAD specialist to use the program (The average basic training time has been around 1 hour)
• Open system: use your own scan or input data like; blueprint, positive cast, negative cast and foambox.
• Design accommodative and corrective orthotics manufactured in EVA. The high level of accuracy in the laser scanners and modification software allow for precise recreation of the plantar surface and both subtle and more extreme modifications.
• The ability to reduce production time with the single manual flip both the top and bottom of the insole can be machined (VCM70 carves a pair in an average of 20min)
• Designs can be based on templates or completely customised.
• Design from a 3D scan data directly or use standardized 3D insole models in combination with 2D and pressure data.
• Libraries: the system contains several libraries of insoles, brandsoles, front foot, mid foot and rear foot models, setup by orthopaedic specialists, orthotists and podiatrists
• Own library: create your own custom library by adding own orthotic designs and modules
• History based functionality: every action saved as separate step, easy to modify, disable or remove without having to undo and redo in the process.
• Can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection via a secure cloud based website.
• Regular online updates so you will always work with the latest version of the system (no manual installation updates needed)
• Australian based support and training with additional support from Voxelcare in Spain.

In the CAM you can you can specify the milling order instructions for the designed orthotics, including the choice of materials, the nesting (positioning of the orthotic for cutting), production flow and order tracking and the number of pairs you want to produce of each order.

With the auto nesting technology time is saved, errors and material waste is minimised. You can change milling configuration settings to control milling strategy, speed, roughness (accuracy), sequences and much more.

Order and production management

The Voxelcare orthotics CAD is combined with the order management tools to register your patient details, multiple user details, order logistics (work with track and trace of orders).

We have simply classified our EVA foot orthotics into different styles:


EVA Care: Extra comfort and relieve foot pain
The CARE Custom EVA insoles are designed to give extra comfort and relieve foot pain. If you need to make an insole that offloads foot pressure and pressure peaks, in combination with extra cushioning or medical diabetic application, this is your orthotic type.
Dual Soft EVA Insole material Made out of high quality Dual soft EVA insole material. Two ultra-soft EVA layers: stabilizing Top layer of 30sh with an extra cushioning Bottom layer of 20sh.

EVA Comfort: Insoles designed for all day comfort
The COMFORT Custom EVA insoles take the energy generated from your hips and legs and
disperses it forward producing maximum efficiency & performance. This COMFORT type is the most used custom foot orthotic; a real all-round insole. Dual Medium EVA Insole material made out of high quality Dual medium hardness EVA insole material.

Two-shore EVA layers: Stabilizing top layer of 40sh with a comfort cushioning Bottom layer of 25sh.

EVA Performance: Insoles targeted to performance athletes
The PERFORMANCE Custom EVA insoles are our high-end sport orthotics line. It is designed to
work with shoes where total control is the goal. Using a denser EVA combination; this allows the
insole to transfer the power output rather than absorbing it. Tri Firm EVA Insole material Made
out of high quality Tri-layer firm EVA insole material.

Three-shore EVA layers: foot fixating Top layer of 50sh, a shock impact damping Mid
layer of 30sh and rigid 60sh Bottom layer to give the basis stiffness.

EVA Dressed: Wear it everyday
The DRESSED Custom EVA insoles are insoles to wear every day in your dressed shoes and
shoes where there is no space to put a full length insole. The insole type meant for the working
person. When standing on your feet all day, in dressed shoes or even boots, these custom
orthotics help to relieve that common feeling of restlessness.

Mono Medium EVA Insole material
The DRESSED insoles feature a single density EVA layer to comfort your feet all day.
One single EVA Layer of hardness of 40sh to give the maximum comfort.

Leather Orthotics Top Cover
In the short length version standard made with finest Italian suede leather.
On requirement also available with other insole cover options.

Minimum requirements

Click here to view minimum system requirements to run Voxelcare

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