Standard Ponseti® AFO

Standard ankle foot orthotic for use with the Ponseti method of clubfoot correction. Our patented system features a soft rubber lining for comfort and compliance and soft leather straps. The location of the heel can easily be seen through two holes in the back of the AFO and the footwear attaches to the Ponseti® Bar, in accordance with the standard Ponseti bracing protocol, with built-in dorsiflexion.


Ponseti® AFO/PFS

The articulated Plantar Flexion Stop limits plantar flexion with rigid dorsiflexion to maintain the prescribed position of the foot. Recommended for the complex clubfoot or for use with an articulating bar. This device is also good for children with hyperflexible feet as it ensures the foot is always held in a neutral or dorsiflexed position.


Ponseti® AFO Toe Stilt & Ponseti® AFO/PFS Toe Stilt

A dual purpose AFO designed to support the Ponseti method of treating clubfoot. The AFO can be wornt tached to the Ponseti® Bar in accordance with the standard Ponseti bracing protocol. It can also be worn for short periods outside of regular bracing times in order to help the patient maintain good dorsiflexion by PONSETI_PFS_TS_AFO keep the foot flexible. This is achieved by the stretching the Achilles tendon and helping to placement of a severe wedge permanently attached to the front of the AFO which has the effect of the feet always being in a dorsiflexed position of 10 degrees when standing. The patient must be ambulatory in order for the Toe Stilt AFO to have any effect when used without the Ponseti® Bar.

pressure saddle

Ponseti® Saddles

This soft, comfortable pressure saddle attaches to the middle strap of the Ponseti® AFO to provide additional relief of pressure areas. Available in size small and large.


Ponseti® Adjustable Bar

Abduction bar for managing the prescribed width and orientation of the corrected clubfoot. This adjustable bar easily clips on and off the AFO footwear by means of our patented “Quick Clip” system. This system provides greater ease of use by increasing ease of clothing changes, placing the child in a high chair or shopping cart and allows the AFO to be applied without the bar obstructing access to the foot.


Mitchell Quick Release Spring Assist Dobbs Bar

A spring reset brings the child's feet back to neutral in a resting position. The spring maintains an active dorsiflexion stretch while still allowing the child to play and crawl in the brace. Available in sizes Small and Regular. Size Small is recommended for a shoulder width of 6-9 inches; Size Regular is recommended for children over 12 months with a shoulder width of 9-14 inches.

Free MD boot sizing kit available for clinicians. Contact Massons directly for more info.

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