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ROBOTICOM designs, engineers and offers to the market innovative robotic solutions. With our know-how and the experience gained in more than 20 years in the business, we are able to satisfy every need for automation in many different fields, offering custom made robotic solutions for every single customer.

ROBOTICOM is a brand of Fabrica Machinale Srl, an Epica International company and a pioneer in robotic manufacturing solutions.


ORTIS is a robotic milling system expressly aimed at the orthopedic industry, allowing to create any model (positive or concave) for the production of orthoses and custom prosthesis.

ORTIS is a scalable platform that accommodates strict production constraints and its future expansion. It fits easy into to any production environment, thanks to its wide array of customization options.

Ortis Represents a Quantum Leap Forward For The O&P Industry, And The Reasons Are:

  • It allows you to increase the producion flexibility, extending or opening new business areas.
  • The system is completed by our proprietary in-house software, specifically designed for the O&P market.
  • ORTIS was the first carving robotic solution introduced in the orthopaedic market in 2008.

Software ARPP



ARPP® includes CAM functionalities that generate optimized tool paths for the orthopaedic field and it simulates the material removal operations. This unique solution ensures a quick learning time and provides simple procedures for the technicians.

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More than 10 years of market presence

Our company was among the first to propose on the market robotic systems as multi-axis milling machines, starting in the late 90s in the marble industry and continuing in mid-2000 with the orthopaedic field: this means reliability and solution guarantee.

The first to introduce the open system philosophy

Between 2005 and 2006 we started to offer ORTIS in the orthopaedic field with the great advantage of flexibility in production (still now, it is the only 7-axis robotic system used) and open architecture (we can interface with any scanning tool and any CAD software based on industry standards): this means investment protection and freedom in choosing the best solutions for actual and future company needs.

One software to program the robot

ARPP® is a robot simulator and it is the only software on the market that allows you to completely manage the robot without using other software components. It owns CAM functionalities that generate optimized tool path for the orthopaedic field and it simulates the material removal operations. Basically, one single software easy to learn and to use

Quick production system

Having a single software to learn and a single technical contact point for all the production needs, you can significantly shorten the learning time. This advantage is also reflected in the case, rare but possible, of malfunctions between the mechanical (robot) and software (CAM) sections; there will not be rebounds of skills.


FlexRemote is the remote control software that incorporates in a single customized interface all the features of the machine. Entirely developed by our enigneers, it allows to manage and monitor most of the machine operations comfortably seated at your office or through an internet connection.
In addition to this, FlexRemote may also allow an integrated use of a webcam that shows at any time the workspace of the robot.

The main available remote functions are:

- Supervision of the machine by a web-cam
- Start and stop the robot activity
- Display and modify the spindle RPM
- Follow the process progression
- Manage the programs
- Display the Tools Table
- Back up and diagnostic of the machine.

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