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TES™ Belt

Syncor TES beltTotal Elastic Auxiliary Suspension for A/K Prosthetics This AK Suspension belt is made of neoprene with nylon on the inside a velcro-compatible fabric on the outside. Features low profile, anti-roll, anti-bunch panel. A velcro hook portion on one end of waist belt is simply pressed to the exterior fabric. Cuff area has exposed textured neoprene on inside to securely grasp the socket.

Durasleeve™ BK Suspension

Syncor Durasleeve BK SuspensionNeoprene sleeve Sleeve is airtight. Lycra reinforced panel reduces wear. No seam over patella or stress prone area. 15° initial flexion contours sleeve for patella increasing comfort and suspension. Approximately 1/8″ thick.

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