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OPTEC offer both prefabricated and custom spinal solutions for those facilities who are not geared up to fabricate custom body jackets.

OPTEC possesses one of the largest spinal databases and physical libraries in the industry. We can manufacture your spinal orthosis utilizing the latest Cad/Cam technology which allows us to carve a mold nearly identical to your patient's measurement or scanned image* or by utilizing our extensive spinal library to secure a mold that can be modified to match your patient.

Each individual back brace is fabricated to the patient's unique measurements and your specifications, ensuring the very best fit, support, and comfort. *Scanned images are accurate to within one millimeter.

About Them
For over 20 years OPTEC USA has been a leader in the development & manufacturing of custom and prefabricated orthoses, while offering unparalleled customer support.

We set the benchmark as a manufacturing specialist by implementing the latest technology, research & development, production methods, raw materials and finished products.

We continuously provide the “best products for better health” at an exceptional price, resulting in the best value for our customers. OPTEC products help you get it right the first time, thus saving time and money, while increasing patient satisfaction and compliance.

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