How to use The Fior & Gentz Online Configurator

Fior & Gentz

To use the Fior & Gentz online configurator:

1. Click this link to The Online FIOR & GENTZ Configurator (delete browser cookies if having issues and don’t choose the translate option from your browser)

2. Let the webpage load in the default German language setting

3. Change the page language setting, by selecting EN (English) on the dropdown bar at the top right section of the webpage (not via browser translation), before you start the configuration. EN (English) language button next to dropdown arrow, shown below.

4. Once the F&G Configurator page load has loaded and the page language is set to EN (English), select the green “Start configuration” button.

If successful, you should be greeted with a page like this:

For a more detailed set of instructions, please view the PDF below:

If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact us at

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