Neuro Vario-Swing

Neuro Vario-Swing
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The NEURO VARIO-SWING system knee joint is a free moving, monocentric joint. Due to an integrated posterior offset, it provides a secure stance. It has a dynamic, adjustable extension stop. The range of motion in extension can be infinitely adjusted from 0° to 20° by using the alignment screw. The bumping noises are minimised thanks to the extension stop damper.

The dynamic extension stop enables an extending movement against resistance which exceeds the set extension angle (e.g. from 5° downwards to 0°). The resistance in extension can be modified by using interchangeable spring units. The range of motion of the spring’s range can be infinitely limited by using the motion limiting screw. Depending on the selected spring unit, the maximum range of motion of the spring’s range is between 3° and 9°.


Not only when walking, but also during stance, this extension stop provides dynamic for the patient. This allows the patient to push the knee into a slight hyperextension against the resistance of the spring unit while standing. This additional range of motion guarantees the highest possible wearing comfort and stability.


When walking, the dynamic extension stop enables a complete knee extension, which is physiological for many patients between mid stance and terminal stance.

The transmission of the stop impacts to the patient leg is dampened by the dynamic extension stop.

The NEURO VARIO-SWING system knee joint is ideally combined with a system ankle joint with an infinitely adjustable dynamic dorsiflexion stop, such as the NEURO SWING system ankle joint. Thus, the knee flexion angle can be adjusted optimally to the correct tibia inclination.

Furthermore, the NEURO VARIO-SWING system knee joint was designed with plug + go modularity. This means that it can be converted into any other system knee joint with plug + go modularity by exchanging the functional unit.

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Plug & Go Modularity


Fior & Gentz, Neuro Vario Swing, Reference Material
Fior & Gentz, Neuro Vario Swing, Reference Material

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