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OKM Química Ortopédica was born in 2000 as a result of the cooperation between technical and professional orthopedic companies of the chemical and polyurethane industry. The objective was to create a value proposal towards the orthopedic sector with specialized solutions for the increasingly demanding sector necessities.

Currently, our exports reach more than 50 countries and among our customers we are pleased to collaborate with the most important and experienced companies in each country.

We offer five product lines that respond to different needs of the modern orthopedics:

  • OKM decoration: Orthopedic products customization
  • OKM system: Individually made, made light orthotics
  • OKM blocks: CAD/CAM production
  • OKM materials: Specialized technical materials
  • CentralFab: Avaninsoles (Plantar orthotics) and individually made postural seats

Our purpose is to convert the offer of OKM as a value proposition for all our customers and to improve both the quality of professional work, whatever his technique and technology is, and improve end user comfort.

Faithful to the commitment made, OKM devotes part of its resources to the research of new products and the development of important projects to satisfy the new orthopedic sector needs.
Our growth basis is the search of the highest quality according to the demands of our customers, and we encourage it from the perseverance and ambition to continually improve in favor of the development of all the products.

Find on our website everything you need, and whenever you need contact with our team.

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