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Transfer Papers
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MASSONS HEALTHCARE is one of the largest stockist of transfer paper in Australia.
We are constantly sourcing new designs.

TRANSFER PAPER is a decoration sheet that can be transferred to different types of material such as polyethylene, polypropylene, eva, microfibers...

Transfer Paper on AFO


• To begin the process, place your sheet of plastic into the oven at the required temperature in order to ensure that the plastic can be thermoformed correctly.

• Cut the desired amount of transfer paper needed to cover and decorate your plastic sheet (slightly smaller then plastic). Please remember to leave a tab on one side of the transfer paper in order to help with the transfer process (when removing paper from surface of plastic).

• When the plastic is ready for molding, open the oven door, and gently place the transfer paper onto the heated plastic. Begin on one side and gently lay/roll the paper on. Make sure the paper is rolled on smoothly.

• Apply gentle pressure with your hand (with gloves) over the entire paper surface, to help the ink transfer onto the plastic. This process takes about 50-60 seconds - but please make sure that there are not creases visible.

• Before removing the transfer paper, place the plastic & paper, back into the oven again for around 20-30 seconds. This is to ensure, that the plastic is at the right temperature before it is thermoformed under vacuum.

• Before molding, remove the transfer paper from the plastic by peeling it off from the tabs that were made prior. The transferring process is now completed, and the decorated plastic is now ready to be thermoformed.


We have the largest range of transfer papers supplying Australia and New Zealand.

To see our range view our 2022 Transfer Paper Catalogue

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