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MASSONS HEALTHCARE has partnered with VOXELCARE to provide the latest in Cloud based Cad Cam Software to create precise custom made foot orthotics.

VOXELCARE is a software and hardware engineering company with over 18 years experience in the development of industrial applications ranging from special purpose CAD/CAM systems, contact and non contact 3D scanning devices, 2D scanning devices, industrial vision and CNC systems for different kind of machines.

MOST of the components of the industrial systems, like electronics, hardware, firmware and software are developed inside the company, which enables a high control on the product and a very small dependence on third party elements. This "most in house" policy leads to a very fast response product support and a great flexibility in product adjustment and modifications.

OUR markets are the worldwide footcare and footwear industry such as orthopaedic, podiatric and shoe producing companies. Voxelcare products are sold either directly or through a distribution network, with customers all over the world.

READ more on Voxelcare and our CAD CAM solutions for your business: CLICK HERE

Minimum requirements

Click here to view minimum system requirements to run Voxelcare

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