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Swimming, Jet Skiing, Snow Skiing & Rowing:


· Swim, snorkel or scuba, with or without fins.
· The Activankle easily locks into the walking position when you’re finished.
· Constructed of non-corroding Delrin and stainless steel.
The Activankle has a protective neoprene cover to keep sand out.

Jet Skiing:

· The unlocked Activankle allows unlimited dorsiflexion for a comfortable natural position.
The Activankle easily locks into the walking position when you’re finished.

Snow Skiing:

· Unlocked, the Activankle flexes freely in a single axis with no rotation or lateral movement.

Mike Ross, bilateral BKA, heli-skiing in British Columbia with the Activankle.
The Activankle is unlocked for snow skiing.


· Row competitively, for exercise, or just relaxation.
· Designed for resistance-free natural movement.
· The Activankle easily locks into the walking position when you’re finished

Swim Ankle:

· Constructed of non-corroding Delrin and stainless steel
· Easy to Use Locking System
· May be used in most lower limb prosthesis
· Uses 10mm Footbolt and Standard 4 Hole Pattern

The Swimankle locks in two positions for walking or swimming.
rampro activankleThe Swimankle uses the same 70-degree plantar flexion as
the Activankle for optimum swimming performance.
Unlike the Activankle, the Swimankle does not dorsiflex when unlocked.
Unlike the Activankle, the Swimankle does not have a protective cover.
Use in sandy conditions is not recommended.
The Swimankle is manufactured using the latest state of the art CNC equipment and
manufacturing processes to ensure maximum reliability and ease of operation.

Activeankle and Swimankle

Installation Instructions
Read Entire Instructions Before Installing

1. Foot Selection

Use a Symes foot. Kingsley’s Steplite is Rampro’s #1 choice. Water will not cause an early death to this foot. It is also available in several heel heights including 0″ for barefoot use. Other feet include Ohio Willowwoods Carbon Copy II Symes and Campbell-Childs Waterproof Symes

2. Foot Bolt Installation

Use a 10mm bolt. Rampro supplies a 10m x 20m stainless steel bolt for use with the Kingsley Steplite or a 10m x 30m stainless steel bolt for use with most other Symes feet.
** VERY IMPORTANT **- Bolt should not exceed 1/2″ or 13mm above the mounting surface of the foot. If these limits are exceeded damage to the ankle will occur and the warranty will be void. Do not stack lock washers if the bolt is too long. Cut the bolt to the proper length.
If footbolt insert does not have a flange with 4 shallow holes, tighten foot bolt to 15 foot pounds or 180 inch pounds or 2.1 kilograms per meter. Do not overtighten. Do not use Lok-tite or any other bolt adhesive. Do not use lock washers. Do not stack washers.
If footbolt insert has a flange with 4 shallow holes (Activankle 91-100 and later or Swimankle 3-101 and later), tighten footbolt according to foot manufacturers specifications or industry standards.

3. Foot Modification

Some foam will need to be removed on the medial side so as to access the ankle handle. The foam on the posterior side should be removed or ground very thin so as not to inhibit the ankle from plantar flexing. Bolt the ankle to the foot and mark the area to be removed. Remove the ankle from the foot and grind. Be conservative. Grind away only as much foam as is necessary to access the handle and allow the ankle to fully plantar flex.

4. Drilling Dowel Pin Hole

To prevent ankle rotation, Rampro supplies a 5/32″ x 1″ stainless steel dowel pin. An optional dowel pin drilling template (ADPDT) is available from Rampro. Use a 5/32″ drill. Drill 5/8″ or 16mm aft (posterior) of foot bolt center. Drill 5/8″-11/16″ or 16mm-18mm deep. Install dowel pin and ankle to foot. Arrow on top of ankle points forward (anterior).

5. Attachments

Titanium parts are recommended for weight and corrosion resistance. The ankle accepts a standard 4 hole pattern. Rampro supplies 4-6mx20m flat socket head stainless steel screws. Tighten these to 40 inch pounds. Do not use Lok-tite or any other bolt adhesive. Stainless steel adjustment set screws are available from Rampro in either metric (AHASM) or S.A.E. (AHASS).

The following titanium parts are available from your normal sources:

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