Fior & Gentz Online Configurator

To use the Fior & Gentz online configurator:

1. Click this link to The Online FIOR & GENTZ Configurator (delete browser cookies if having issues and don’t choose the translate option from your browser)

2. Let the webpage load in the default German language setting

3. Change the page language setting, by selecting EN (English) on the dropdown bar at the top right section of the webpage (not via browser translation), before you start the configuration. EN (English) language button next to dropdown arrow, shown below.

4. Once the F&G Configurator page load has loaded and the page language is set to EN (English), select the green “Start configuration” button.

For more detailed instructions, click the PDF below:

Ankle Joint Videos

Ankle Joint Selection Chart

Click here to view the PDF

Knee Joint Videos

Knee Joint Selection Chart

Click here to view the PDF

Company Foundation

The FIOR & GENTZ company has been founded 1997 in Lüneburg. Based on several years of expertise in orthopaedic technology, Jörg Fior and Ralf Gentz, founder and executive managers, have established a company which is exclusively focused on orthotics. In orthotics, they saw a somewhat neglected field with great potential.

The focus is on medical appliances for lower extremities: system joints for producing custom-made orthoses and therapeutic shoes.

Our Customers

Our products are only distributed via specialised traders. Thus, a professional adaptation to the patient by a technician is a given. Our customers are i.a. orthopaedic workshops, medical supply stores and orthopaedic shoemakers.

Our vision - proper orthotic treatments

It is our goal to make the life of people with physical impairments easier and more comfortable. That is why we provide orthopaedic technicians worldwide with products and techniques to treat their patients in an optimum way.

We would like to emphasise the importance of orthotics to improve their acceptance and significance in society. In order to reach this goal, we bet on knowledge being shared and passed on between patients, physicians, orthopaedic technicians and therapists.

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