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Orthotic shoe. Different.

CROSSROADS is an orthotic shoe that has been specially developed for the demands and needs of orthotic wearers. It was important to us that the shoe fit particularly well on the foot -  with and without an orthosis  - and that it impressed with its modern style.

The orthotic shoe CROSSROADS is a perfect shoe for everyday life: casual, easy to combine, authentic look. CROSSROADS is also a lace-up shoe , which is especially important for adults when it comes to everyday shoes . The best features of Chelsea boots and boat shoes have been combined in this orthotic shoe.

You can easily learn how to lace a shoe with one hand with the one-handed lacing guide. Here you will find a video and step-by-step instructions for one-handed lacing.

Structure and properties

Style and function for everyday life.

  • HMV number:
  • Integrated, elastic textile material
    offers space without deforming the shaft
  • Raised, anatomically shaped shaft edge
    for a secure hold
  • Entry loop
    for easy on and off
  • 2 removable insoles
    for a flexible volume
  • Multifunctional outsole
    protects against cold and wet, with non-slip, shock-absorbing profile

  • Highest wearing comfort
    thanks to high-quality leather as upper material and inner lining

CROSSROADS is available as a pair in four different combinations of the widths REGULAR and SLIM. This ensures an optimal fit even with narrow feet.
To determine the shoe size, use the information on the insole length that you can find in the brochure

    for normal feet with and without an orthosis

  • REGULAR left, SLIM right
    for normal feet with an orthosis on the left leg

  • SLIM left, REGULAR right
    for normal feet with an orthosis on the right leg

  • SLIM
    for narrow feet with an orthosis without joints

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