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Glaze Prosthetics

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Glaze Prosthetics

Massons Healthcare is proud to provide Glaze Prosthetic upper Limb systems to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Prosthetics for (extra)ordinary people

There are no limits to the imagination

"That’s why we’ve created a prosthetic arm that’s much more than just a facilitation - it’s stylish and innovative gear that you can put on and take off in just seconds. Glaze is the first prosthetic crafted to suit your individual needs."

It presents you with an amazing opportunity to fully express yourself.

"At Glaze, we believe that there should be no limits to human imagination. We understand that all our users are diverse and have different needs.
That’s why we decided it was unreasonable to create just one prosthetic model for all of our clients."

Express your personality

Our users have different stories to tell, share different interest, have different lifestyle and different goals and that is why they should all have the opportunity to personalize their own prosthetic in order for it to be much more than just a facilitation. Glaze gives you a possibility to express your personality. It’s a stylish addition to your look. It isn’t just another prosthetic - it’s an accessory that suits YOU.
It is the first prosthetic crafted to suit your individual needs.