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Unlocking agility and scale thru the development of our own 3D technology stack .

Initially relying on third-party commercial design and fabrication solutions, we quickly found limitations in scalability to cater to our diverse markets. The existing market mainly offered CADCAM solutions for engineering or basic parametric software, lacking the flexibility and adaptability we sought. Since 2018, we've heavily invested in R&D to create our open-core software solutions and 3D Workflow, including:

3D Design for CNC & 3D printing

Clinician centric 3D design, especially when tailored for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM), heralds a transformative era in the O&P workflow.

3D Design software & services for FO & AFO

Offering a practitioner-centric 3D design software (CAD-CAM), Gespodo aims to empower both clinicians and lab operations to accelerate their digital transition and unlock huge productivity gains.

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