Reboocon deals with the challenges of technology. They make what was not possible in the past possible, and what was not available, available.  Through their endeavours, they hope that people with mobility impairments can stand up and walk, enjoying the delight of walking and seeing others at eye level.


Shiqian Wang, the founder of Reboocon, is determined to advance robotic technology to help disabled people. Back in 2006, he had this idea when he was an undergraduate student. Since 2010, as a researcher he has been developing robotic suits (exoskeletons) for spinal cord injury (SCI) patients, participating in two European FP7 projects (Mindwalker & Symbitron).

In 2016, Shiqian founded Reboocon MedTech Co.,Ltd in Suzhou, China and Reboocon Bionics B.V. in Delft, the Netherlands. Soon after these company establishments, venture capitalists and industrial investors invested in this company. They are now in full throttle to accelerate development, including offering advanced microprocessor products globally via select wholesale distributors. A stand out product from their portfolio includes the Intuy Microprocessor Prosthetic Knee joint, that Massons Healthcare is the exclusive distributor and supplier of, for Australia and New Zealand. This knee joint has been designed exclusively for through and above knee amputees.

Since November 2018, Reboocon Bionics has moved to its 273m2 office at Rotterdamseweg in Delft, Netherlands. As of now, their team in the Netherlands consists of several scientists and engineers, talented, motivated, and devoted.

Intuy Knee

The Intuy is a single axis motorised prosthetic knee joint that generates an impressive number of kilowatts of power. The knee is suitable for knee disarticulation, trans femoral and hip disarticulation amputees up to 125kgs with activity levels K2-K4.  

The Intuy is suitable for use with unilateral and bilateral amputees potentially offering a significant reduction in energy expenditure for amputees with multiple limb loss.  The unit is weatherproof and has ample battery life, with up to 63km of walking after a 2-hour charge, a clever design feature that regenerates power to the battery during the braking phase.

The build height is slightly less at 255mm than other MPK’s (microprocessor knees) on the market, making it suitable for longer residual limbs, knee disarticulation and presentations when prosthetic build height is a challenge.


  • 12 sensory data channels
  • Sampled at 2000 times/s
  • Fused by sophisticated algorithms
  • Intuitive and natural


  • 2.4kg incl. the battery
  • >21km walking at a single charge
  • 44+ hours of autonomy


  • Engineered electric motor for active propulsion
  • Climb stairs or slopes like everybody else
  • Less strain and wear on your back, spine, and other joints

NOTE: this product is CE-certified according to MDR in EU since Dec 2021.

Don't miss the Reboocon Bionics Intuy knee webinar on Thursday October the 27th from 4 - 5pm AEST.

For more information about the webinar click here!

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