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Massons Minute - Bort Generation Braces

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Massons Healthcare, have become the exclusive Australian distributor for Bort Medical GmbH, German makers of orthopaedic medical supplies for twenty-five years. Bort Medical GmbH uses next-generation materials and technologies to create a comprehensive line of effective and innovative sports and injury braces, orthotics and splints.

BORT Med – In the midst of healthy life.

BORT Generation – For better mobility for the aged

BORT Generation – Osteoporosis Brace

BORT Sport supports Corporate video

BORT. Benefit at your side.

As a family-run business, values such as quality and reliability in cooperative and fair relationships with customers are very important to BORT. Thanks to the intensive exchange of ideas with partners and patients in the market, BORT is aware of what is expected of its products and services.

BORT is your performance partner

Convincing with selection, quality and experience

We have maintained a trustworthy partnership with our specialist shop customers in the area of orthopaedic aids for more than 35 years. A full range of medical products with provable therapeutic benefits and top manufacturing quality as well as a known good value for money makes BORT a performant partner.

Innovative product development and production, state-of-the-art logistics

New and innovative product solutions for competent patient care arise repeatedly from knowledge within the company, intense expert exchange with the doctors, therapists and our specialist trade partners. We manufacture medical aids with the quality seal “Made in Germany” at several production sites in Germany. Our new, highly modern logistics centre in Weinstadt guarantees reliable, fast delivery to our specialist trade partners.


Trust proven BORT quality with immediate effect also in the area of compression therapy.

ORTHOPAEDICS BUSINESS SEGMENT – more than a product programme

We constantly focus on market requirements, our customers and our partners within the market. This is used to constantly further develop our product range and adapted to state-of-the-art medicine, therapy and technology.

Finally, we have tailored it to the individual needs of different target groups and provided the different product lines with individual looks:

Phlebology Business Segment

Our new BRAND: BORT AktiVen® medical compression stockings

When developing and manufacturing our compression stockings, we seamlessly assume the high product quality of our supports and braces.

The new BORT AktiVen medical compression stockings product range was newly developed by our experts from scratch under our own auspices and is produced in-house – MADE IN GERMANY. All the products have the RAL quality mark from the Gütegemeinschaft Medizinische Kompressionsstrümpfe e.V. [Quality Mark Association for Medical Compression Hosiery]

BORT AktiVen medical compression stockings

For active living with healthy veins

The BORT AktiVen medical compression stockings manufactured using the circular knitting technique are applied for basic therapy¹ in case of vein weakness and support the patient’s vein function effectively.

*Stefanie Reich-Schupke, Markus Stücker: Moderne Kompressionstherapie.
Ein praktischer Leitfaden. Viavital Verlag, Köln 2013, 1. Aufl., Vorwort der Herausgeber.

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