BORT StabiloHip Starter Kit

BORT StabiloHip Starter Kit
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HIP Protector Starter Kit

Fractures of the neck of femur are frequently caused by fall
injuries of senior people. A false step on the stairs or a
thoughtless step at the curbstone edge - and it already
happened. In Germany alone more than 100.000 senior
people suffer from fractures in the hip and thigh area, one
third of 65 plus falls at least once per year. The consequences
are often serious and the injury is followed by a longterm,painful and expensive treatment as well as the need of care.

The 'Starter Kit' contains 3 pants and 1 set of removable Interchangeable hip protecting pads.

High-quality functional pants made of cotton and Lycra. Highly elastic waistband and leg band ensure excellent comfort.

Protectors are securely positioned in integrated protector pockets. Easy to remove.

Protectors made of visco-elastic soft foam. Special, shock-absorbing effect.

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