BORT Osgood-Schlatter Knee Support

BORT Osgood-Schlatter Knee Support
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- Knee support for local decompression of tibial tuberosity
- SOFTflex knitted fabric for more elasticity, stability and very comfortable to wear
- Anatomically contoured knit
- Multi-zone silicone pad
- One lateral spiral stay on each side
- Compression class II

COLOUR: blue

- Velvety soft surface structure, creating very pleasant wearing comfort
- Highly elastic bending zone, also protects the popliteal fossa when worn for longer periods
- Adjustable setting using V-shaped strap correction


  • Facilitation of the movement of the patella
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease
  • tendinosis of the tibial tuberosity ligament
  • articular effusion
  • irritations

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