Single ADM day shoe (Ambulatory)

Single ADM day shoe (Ambulatory)
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A single ADM attached to a day shoe. Day footwear is provided by C-Pro Direct in pairs, but are available in split sizes.

Ambulatory ADMs are suitable for a range of indications including relapsing Clubfoot (typically a supinated gait with poor stride length and inward rotation) and some neurological conditions (typically resulting in foot-drop and poor balance / endurance with other gait issues).

Ambulatory ADMs will alter the gait to lengthen the stride, prevent foot-drop, improve heel-strike and reduce inward rotation at the hip and knee. Patients with neurological conditions often also report improved balance, endurance and confidence. When making your selection please review the Ambulatory ADM Sizing Guidelines taking care to identify the correct shoe size and to consider what spring option best matches the patient needs. Use the “Additional Information” box to let us know if the patient has particularly wide or narrow feet.

It is common for patients with neurological conditions to stand barefoot with a collapsed foot arch and hindfoot in valgus (over-pronation / flatfoot). These patients should use the Ambulatory ADM only with custom insoles fitted in the footwear made to neutralise the foot position when standing. This condition is illustrated in the video Ambulatory ADM Case Study - Partial Paralysis. Please contact us for advice if necessary. C-Pro Direct does not provide custom insoles.

The footwear we provide has been identified as suitable for attachment to the ADM. C-Pro Direct can supply footwear in a range of children’s sizes from Euro 18 (UK 2.5 child) to Euro 39 (6 adult). The footwear provided is of very high quality and sourced from a variety of leading suppliers including Start-rite, New Balance, Reebok and Ascent. Generally, we recommend footwear with laces and a deep upper as this enables the footwear to be well secured to the foot. Ambulatory ADMs will not work effectively if the footwear is loose on the foot. Velcro can work with ADMs and can be useful for children who are unable to achieve a secure fitting with laces. Use the “Additional Information” box to let us know if Velcro is a preference and we will do our best to provide securely fitting footwear.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to maintain a definitive range of footwear options as suppliers are constantly changing their styles, and size availability for a given style is frequently limited. C-Pro Direct will endeavour to maintain a stock of black, white or mainly white and coloured footwear suitable for both girls and boys. For smaller sizes (EU 26 and below) the choices are more limited.

Please indicate in the “Additional Information” box your preference of day shoe and we will do our best to match your footwear preferences.

We may be able to attach ADMs to footwear of your specification. The key requirements are that the footwear is of high quality with deep heel cushioning. The footwear construction should include a mid-sole made from EVA or similar material and a thin rubber outer sole. Most top quality childrens footwear is made like this. Shoes with a solid rubber or Polyurethane sole are not suitable. The upper should be deep and the fastening mechanism (laces or Velcro) should achieve a secure fit. Above ankle boot are not suitable for use with Ambulatory ADMs.

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