BORT TaloXpress

BORT TaloXpress
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  • Ankle joint brace for stabilisation of the upper and lower ankle joint
  • Stabilisation degree adjustable using restraints
  • Very thin and slim construction
  • Can be worn in shoes without any problems
  • Effective stabilisation of the ankle joint and very comfortable to wear

COLOUR: grey


  • Can be fully opened, therefore easy to put on and simplest handling
  • High stabilisation combined with low self-weight thanks to ultra-modern material
  • Lightweight and slim structure for good wearing comfort


  • Conservative treatment of ankle distortions and ligament rupture
  • post-operative protection after ligament suture/reconstruction
  • immobilisation in the case of inflammatory conditions
  • rheumatism
  • arthritis
  • tendinitis
  • supination/pronation trauma

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BORT TaloXpress

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