eSkin Leg Cover

eSkin Leg Cover
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The eSkin leg cover sets the new bench mark for prosthetic leg covers. eSkin is manufactured with the latest innovation in high-quality synthetic plastic polymer. With its multilayer construction and fibers, it brings life and durability to the leg cover. The eSkin is very flexible and comes pre expanded for easy fit. The eSkin is stain resistant and easily cleaned with soap and water. For authentic realism the eSkin comes in 18 lifelike colors. You can choose between standard or split toe.


  • 18 colors. See our color guide ( E4N100) for reference
  • Multilayer construction with fibers for a lifelike appearance
  • Standard or Split toe
  • Durable and stain resistant easily cleaned with soap and water
  • Flexible and pre expanded each size fits two-foot sizes
  • Water resistant
  • Low friction against fabric


Article –  Why we choose the material Pevalen™ – Read more here

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