BORT Helix S Lower Ankle Support

BORT Helix S Lower Ankle Support
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- Ankle bandage to support torsion of the back of the foot and to raise the instep
- Thin, elastic straps
- 3-D contoured knit
- Two silicone pads
- Extra soft, snag proof material edge at the calf

Colour: black

- Stabilisation of the ankle and activation of foot muscles through compression
- Functional supportive restraint in the case of classical foot deformities (i.e. splayfoot)
- Optimal comfort even during intense activity
- Separate slip-on aid included


  • Chronic, post-traumatic or post-operative irritations of soft tissues in the area of lower ankle joint and the sole of the foo
  • ligament instability
  • foot problems due to static anomalies and defects in the shape of the foot due to dysfunction of the lower ankle joint e. g. skew and splayfoot

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