BORT MalleoStabil® SOFT-Brace

BORT MalleoStabil® SOFT-Brace
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- Memory foam padding to stabilise the ankle, while limiting pronation and supination
- Anatomically shaped plastic shells
- Memory foam padding for comfortable wear during the rehabilitation phase
- Also for children

COLOURS: black, white

- No impairment when walking
- Easy to put on thanks to circular Velcro fastening


  • shortening of time spent in plaster
  • ligament injuries
  • chronic ligament instability
  • fibular ligament rupture
  • functional treatment of ligament ruptures
  • conservative treatment of ankle distortions of any severity
  • distortion of upper ankle joint
  • Post-operative protection after ligament suture
  • ankle fractures (Weber A)
  • supination / pronation trauma

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