BK Valve

BK Valve
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The BK Valve is a reliable valve that allows amputees to utilize suction suspension instead of the old standard locking suspension. This valve is designed for BK users with a transtibial suction socket who want auto-expulsion but do not want a push button. New or retro-installation outside of socket.


The BK Valve is one of our simpler valves for a BK suspension system. This product is designed for below-the-knee patients that want auto-expulsion WITHOUT a push button.  While the push button is the more popular version of this valve, some patients prefer a valve without a button which could be inadvertently pushed.

The BK Valve allows wearers to utilize suction suspension in their prosthesis instead of the old standard locking suspension.

Clinicians can utilize the BK Valve with our BK/BK2 Threaded Housing (PA0222) to give the user an inner flexible socket.

Releases air at ½ PSI without adjustments. Designed with a low profile: ⅞” diameter.

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