Neuro Tronic

Neuro Tronic
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The NEURO TRONIC knee joint system consists of the following components:

  • system knee joint,
  • component set including controller (optionally with integrated lithium-ion battery or exchangeable batteries),
  • remote control for the patient (optionally with microprocessor-controlled quick charger or USB charging cable),
  • multi-purpose device for the orthotist including batteries.

The NEURO TRONIC system knee joint is an automatic joint, which provides motion control. It is pre-assembled in a physiological joint angle of 5°. Moreover, it offers an electromechanical automatic stance phase control. When standing with the orthosis, the stance phase control is not achieved mechanically but through the integrated posterior offset and the patient's remaining function of the hip and knee extension muscles.

The NEURO TRONIC is the first system joint in the FIOR & GENTZ range that can be controlled via a Bluetooth connection. This requires a multi-purpose device, a controller and a remote control with Bluetooth. You can order these, as well as the standard devices without Bluetooth, via the webshop after the configuration has been completed.

After purchasing a multi-purpose device with Bluetooth, you can install the free NEURO TRONIC Expert app on one or multiple mobile devices of your choice and use the app to set up your orthosis. Patients can use the NEURO TRONIC User app to switch between the individual modes, just like they would do with the remote control.
When the system joint is delivered, it is set on Auto mode. Alternative functions are provided by the Lock and Free mode.

  • Auto mode: The system joint locks and unlocks automatically.
  • Lock mode: The system joint is permanently locked.
  • Free mode: The system joint is permanently unlocked.

The system joint can also be unlocked mechanically. The patient can unlock it with the lever of the system joint. To change the modes with the remote control or the app, the system joint must not be mechanically unlocked.

In Auto mode, the NEURO TRONIC system joint can be activated by the sensor technology e-Motion. The system joint is controlled by motion sensors integrated in the controller of the orthosis.

Neuro Tronic


Fior & Gentz, Neuro Tronic, Reference Material
Fior & Gentz, Neuro Tronic, Reference Material

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