TLC Hip Abduction Brace

TLC Hip Abduction Brace
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The TLC™ Hip Abduction brace offers the comfortable, easy-to-use support your patients need in an innovative design that saves you money. Every piece is both unisex and universal, including the TLC™ hip joint with multiple abduction, adduction, flexion and extension settings, which means you will need less inventory on hand in your facility.

Further, the TLC™ requires only one Allen wrench to adjust everything on the orthosis. The lightweight pads are breathable to reduce heat buildup as well as washable. The TLC's quick release buckle closure system allows patients to get the same fit every time. In addition to the prefabricated stock sizes, OPTEC USA can also fabricate the TLC™ custom-to-measurement.


  • Arthoplasty
  • Hip Dislocation or Potential High Risk Dislocation
  • Hip Displasia - Anterior or Posterior
  • Hip Management/ Immobilization
  • Hip Revisions
  • Hip Surgery
  • Post-Operative
  • Pre-Operative
  • Stabilize, Align & Reinforce Hip


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