TES™ Belt

TES™ Belt
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Syncor TES belt

Total Elastic Auxiliary Suspension for A/K Prosthetics This AK Suspension belt is made of neoprene with nylon on the inside a velcro-compatible fabric on the outside. Features low profile, anti-roll, anti-bunch panel. A velcro hook portion on one end of waist belt is simply pressed to the exterior fabric. Cuff area has exposed textured neoprene on inside to securely grasp the socket.

Ordering Info:

Size Circumference Left Belt Right Belt Bilateral Belt

Infant 9″ – 12″ TES-INF-L TES-INF-R TES-INF-B

Juvenile 11″ – 14″ TES-JUV-L TES-JUV-R TES-JUV-B

X-Small 13″ – 17″ TES-000-L TES-000-R TES-000-B

Small 16″ – 20″ TES-100-L TES-100-R TES-100-B

Medium 19″ – 23″ TES-200-L TES-200-R TES-200-B

Large 22″ – 27″ TES-300-L TES-300-R TES-300-B

X-Large 26″ – 32″ TES-400-L TES-400-R TES-400-B

XX-Large 31″ – 35″ TES-500-L TES-500-R TES-500-B

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