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Creating Your Highly Individualised Prosthesis

At Massons Healthcare we focus on getting to know you. This is crucial to ensure we create the best prosthetic experience for you.

Each prosthesis is highly individualised, based on decades of prosthetics expertise to deliver you the most clinically appropriate prosthetic device to ensure a maximum functional outcome tailored to your goals.

At Massons Healthcare we focus on getting to know you and utilize advanced technology to provide the highest quality prosthetic care.

Through decades of prosthetics experience, each prosthesis is individualized to deliver you the most appropriate prosthetic device to participate in your desired activities.

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Over 20 Years of Prosthetics Expertise

For over 20 years, our Melbourne-based prosthetic service has been focused on building the best possible prostheses for patients.

Each amputee is treated as an individual with personalised goals.  Prosthetic treatment is aimed at reaching the maximum level of functional independence and comfort in daily living activities including work, rest and relaxation whether using the latest technology or more traditional approaches.  

Some of the latest in cutting edge prosthetic technology available at Massons include:

• LimbLogic Electronic and Mechanical elevated vacuum suspension

• RevoFit adjustable socket technology

• Smart Temp heat absorption technology

• Custom Alpha DESIGN liners

Improving your function and comfort with prosthetic technology is our top priority.

Advanced Prosthetic Technology

Massons utilises innovative prosthetic CAD/CAM technology to design custom prosthetic liners and sockets.

The OMEGA CADCAM scanning system allows our clinicians to capture precise digital images of each individual client to design and manufacture an optimal socket that exactly matches your limb shape and functional needs.

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Prostheses for Clients of all Ages and Functional Levels

• Partial foot prosthetics

• Below Knee / Transtibial prosthetics

• Above Knee / Transfemoral prosthetics

• Upper Limb: Transhumeral, Transradial, Finger Restoration prosthetics

• Osseointegration

• Sport Prostheses

Massons are Providers for:


• Workcover



• All major Health Funds


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We pride ourselves on always listening to your individual goals and expectations. We will always endeavour to advise and help create achievable prosthetic goals to suit your needs.

A little more about us

Massons Healthcare is a privately owned, 100% family operated Australian company based in Knoxfield, Melbourne.

We provide orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) clinical patient care, CFAB (central fabrication) manufactured devices, wholesale and retail products and services to customers and patients all across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

During this unpredictable and challenging time, our team continues to stay active in the medical device industry, supporting and servicing your O&P needs.

We are located at 15/111 Lewis Road Knoxfield 3180

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