Alpha Basic Liners

Alpha Basic Liners
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Alpha Basic Liner

Alpha Basic Liners retrofit with other common liner profiles, giving amputees unfamiliar with Alpha the opportunity to experience its revolutionary comfort. The Alpha Basic Liner is easy to don and doff, gentle on the knee when bending or sitting, and non-constrictive to the residual limb. The breakthrough is in pairing our Alpha Classic gel with a flexible fabric designed specifically to meet the needs of low-activity amputees. The locking liner features one-way stretch Select fabric distally to minimize pistoning without a constrictive distal matrix.

Unique among the Alpha Family of Liners, the Alpha Basic Liner may be used for either transtibial or transfemoral use. While most of the size spectrum offers a standard umbrellla, sizes 32, 38, and 44 feature an optional large umbrella. This large umbrella is recommended for transfemoral use or for large, fleshy residual limbs for a comfortable fit.

Product Highlights:
  • Designed for low-activity patients
  • Larger umbrella available in select sizes for use with transfemoral amputees
  • Flexible fabric helps knee bend comfortably for long periods
  • Minimizes distal pistoning without constrictive matrix
  • Retrofits with other common liners

Ordering Info:

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