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The Liner Wand
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What is The Liner Wand?

The Liner Wand hygiene system is the first deep cleaning prosthetic liner coating that is clinically proven to reduce skin irritation and odor.

The Liner Wand system makes cleaning prosthetic liners quick and easy, while delivering a deep clean that lasts two weeks with a single application:

• Stops odor for 2 weeks
• Reduces skin irritation
• Prosthetist-approved
• Compatible with most prosthetic liners

How does The Liner Wand work?

The Liner Wand system makes cleaning prosthetic liners quick and easy while delivering a deeper clean that lasts up to two weeks with one application.

The Liner Wand uses a sponge tip to deep-clean the surface and apply a single thin coating of patented Apocrine™ solution. The application of this solution creates a protective titanium barrier that helps decontaminate liners and remove the bacteria by-products that cause skin irritation, discomfort, and stigmatizing odor in the first place.

The Liner Wand unique chemistry pulls dirt, debris and bacterial byproducts from deep within the pores of your liner and leaves behind a protective shield against future bacterial byproduct buildup for two weeks. It’s the only complete amputee hygiene system that is clinically proven to reduce skin irritation and odor.


• Deep Cleans

• Cleans and removes debris, dead skin, sweat residues

• Cleans or removes dirt, soil, dust, debris, inanimate scum, inanimate nutrients,  inanimate organic particulates, or inanimate contaminants

• Cleans away or removes inanimate matter, non-living matter, or allergens from non-living sources

• Decontaminates (non-living, inanimate matter)

• Removes bacteria and microbe matter by-products (that is, it cleans away and removes non-living or inanimate matter)

• Prevents, blocks, neutralizes, reduces, eliminates, encapsulates, or removes odours; deodorizes

• Improves comfort, hygiene, and freshness

Video: Application of The Liner Wand

What our customers have to say

“I have however noticed huge difference with smell [of her liner]; it's much better and I believe that is completely due to The Liner Wand as it was so bad before we used it.
I hope that it gets lots traction in Australia I know our prosthetic company is wanting to get it supplied”.

Jacinta (mother of Isla, a prosthetic liner user in Australia)

Calling all amputees 🦾🦿

Does your liner smell? Have you been told to use soap and water to clean it? Does your skin irritate easily?

@thelinerwand could be your saviour!  

By sucking dirt and odour causing bacteria out of the pores of the liner, while also applying a thin film protective shield, the liner wand is able to stop odours, clean up your skin, all while doing no damage to either the liner or your skin!  

We have just received our one year supply of this product and cannot wait to use it everyday since Makenzie is now wearing her leg constantly at school.  

Her skin is so dry and red and since we have two beautiful Labradors at home, her liner is constantly covered in dog hair which isn’t good for her skin.

I can’t wait to share with you all the results and to spread the word that soap and water is a no go 🙅♀️  

Don’t forget to message @thelinerwand  [] if you’re in Australia to purchase your supply and watch the difference this product makes to you or your child’s life 🥰

#amputeeproblems #linercare #legcare#limbdifference #missinglimb#LoveTheLinerWand #massonshealthcare

Marleigh (mother of Makenzie, a Queensland based prosthetic liner user)

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