Alpha Classic Liners

Alpha Classic Liners
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Alpha Classic® Liners

In order to provide an excellent socket fit and maximum comfort, Alpha Classic Liners are available in three gel thicknesses and various profiles and fabrics. Alpha Classic Liners are composed of a skin-friendly thermoplastic elastomer. The gel flows to adapt to uneven socket pressures, while its low rebound means the liner maintains its adapted shape over time. The liners are heat moldable, allowing prosthetists to easily stretch the liners within their facilities.

The durable Original fabric helps extend the life of the liner. Alpha Spirit fabric may be used with Velcro®-type material and is more flexible than other Classic fabrics. The extra flexibility allows for easier to don and doff and easier to flex at the knee. The MAX fabric provides an outer cover for the liner that is more abrasion resistant than the other fabric options..

To aid in maximizing socket life, Alpha Classic Liners will retrofit with other Alpha Liners having the same profile, thickness, and umbrella

Product Highlights:
  • Distinct gel patterns accommodate various transtibial limb shapes
  • Thermoplastic elastomer gel with mineral oil
  • Three different fabric choices
  • Available in Cushion and Locking Styles
  • Alpha Classic MP available in Locking or Cushion

Ordering Info:

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