Toeflex Foot

Toeflex Foot
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Designed for a purpose, TOEFLEX offers the functional movement of an anatomical ankle and foot. The Innovative design of the TOEFLEX, promotes a functional and dynamic motion through the split carbon heel, multi-axial ankle, and independent split toe features which provides additional leverage for improved balance and smoothness during gait.

Suggested L-Codes: L5979


Two spring loaded independently engineered toes make up the unique functionality of this foot.

Comes with foot shell, spectra sock and three interchangeable heel bumpers.

• Foot shell comes in two colors: beige & brown
• Ships standard with beige foot shell unless part number reflects the purchase of brown foot shell.

  • Sizes: 23-28cm
  • User Weight Rating: 125 kg (275 lbs)
  • Heel Height: 10 mm (3/8 in)
  • Connector: Male pyramid
  • Warranty: 24 months (shell 6 months)
    Suggested L-Codes: L5979

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