Alpha TruSeal Liner

Alpha TruSeal Liner
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Alpha Truseal 4 integrated stepped fins

New - WillowWood Alpha Truseal - Teaser

The Alpha TruSeal Liner: Extended Cut

WillowWood’s Alpha TruSeal Liner uses a proprietary, platinum-cured, medical grade silicone designed for comfort and performance. The liner has four integrated sealing fins designed to ensure confident suction suspension. The satin outer finish allows for easy donning, does not require messy lubricants and is easier to clean than a fabric covered liner. An inner topcoat is applied to reduce tack while controlling soft tissue compression and rotation. An embedded mesh fabric within the silicone resists abrasion and protects the liner from rips and tears. The Alpha TruSeal Liner is available in 9 sizes and a symmetrical profile.

Product Highlights:

  • Medical grade, platinum-cured silicone
  • Four integrated sealing fins
  • Satin outer-finish, no lubricants needed
  • Embedded fabric mesh
  • Features a 12-month warranty
  • Use with suction suspension or elevated vacuum

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