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Unrestricted movement is normal and taken for granted by most people. This freedom has a personal meaning for each individual in terms of mobility, self confidence and emotional expression. Central nervous disorders have a negative impact on the mobility, strength, activability and efficiency of the muscles involved in gait, which not only has a negative impact on walking, but also on the quality of life. Our evomove® is individually adapted to you and your gait pattern and serves to actively support a more natural gait pattern in the case of diseases of the central nervous system such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, (infantile) cerebral palsy and incomplete paraplegia. We at Evomotion offer you efficient, highly customizable medical products, a competent network and good support. Made in Germany.

What is the evomove®? The evomove® is a medical device that helps people with disabilities to walk with FES. What is FES and how does it work? FES is the abbreviation for Functional Electrical Stimulation. It uses electrical impulses to stimulate nerves that the central nervous system can no longer control independently. How does the evomove® work? With the help of FES, it activates muscles in the leg and, thanks to automatic gait recognition, improves the walking movement independently or in combination with an orthosis. What are the components? The control unit (evomove®), a custom-made cuff and our evomove® app, which makes it easy to operate the evomove®. What are the advantages? • Support at the right moment when walking • Faster and smoother gait - Longer distances • Walking is less strenuous - Less concentration • Feel more comfortable in everyday life - reduction in the risk of falling • Knee security / stability - Reduction of the genu recurvatum • Reducing Spasticity - Alignment • Prevention of atrophy (tissue loss) • Reducing pain through better posture • Simple operation with an app

How does FES enable movements? The electrical impulses of the evomove® transmit signals through the nerves to the muscles in the leg, which then trigger movements. For whom is it interesting or suitable? For adults and children from the age of 6, in whom the voluntary control of the muscles does not work or only partially works and the ability to walk is limited. Disorders or injuries include stroke, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, (infantile) cerebral palsy and incomplete spinal cord injury. In addition, in certain cases, prosthesis patients as well as intervertebral disc problems or other peripheral nerve damage can also be treated. When to start FES? As soon as possible, for example in the case of initial treatment after the diagnosis (also possible later). Children from 6 years.

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