NSP Braid

NSP Braid
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NSP™ is a unique fiber that is lighter, stronger, offers ½ the stiffness and 10X the impact resistance than carbon. The stiffness can be regulated by fiber orientation to be equal to carbon. NSP™ can be stiff or flexible depending upon practitioner preference. NSP™ wets out fast because of its high fiber interface and low void content. Translated the resin sticks and air does not get trapped easily.

NSP™ does not create any flying fibers and therefore it ELIMINATES THE ITCH factor which all practitioners and technicians love.

  • Provides great fatigue strength for the socket
  • Tested in socket form under ISO guidelines for patients up to 500 lbs
  • Available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 inch width and 10 and 50 feet length

* Result: strong socket that is lighter and more cost effective than carbon fiber socket

NSP and Paralex layup suggestion

See these videos to learn more about fabrication with NSP:

Catalogues & Downloads

Click here to view the ST&G 2021 Quick Product Review

Ordering Info:

STG-4011-3.10 - NSP Braid - 3" x 10 feet

STG-4011-3.50 - NSP Braid - 3" x 50 feet

STG-4011-4.10 - NSP Braid - 4" x 10 feet

STG-4011-4.50 - NSP Braid - 4" x 50 feet

STG-4011-5.10 - NSP Braid - 5" x 10 feet

STG-4011-5.50 - NSP Braid - 5" x 50 feet

STG-4011-6.10 - NSP Braid - 6" x 10 feet

STG-4011-6.50 - NSP Braid - 6" x 50 feet

STG-4011-8.10 - NSP Braid - 8" x 10 feet

STG-4011-8.50 - NSP Braid - 8" x 50 feet

STG-4011-10.10 - NSP Braid - 10" x 10 feet

STG-4011-10.50 - NSP Braid - 10" x 50 feet

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