Jared Booth managing accounts, kids, and the mountains!

Jared Booth managing accounts, kids, and the mountains!
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If there’s a prosthetic foot salesman on this earth who is truly willing to tell it to you like it is, and has earned that right, it’s Jared Booth.

Jared is a regional account manager at WillowWood. He is the face and voice of WillowWood in the Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, and West Virginia sales regions. Jared also happens to be an amputee. Born with a bone deformity in his right foot, Jared braved a myriad of corrective medical procedures, and the painful aftermath of each, throughout his younger years. After consulting with physicians and his parents, Jared ultimately decided on amputation below the right knee at the age of 18.

So Jared knows of what he speaks when it comes to prosthetics. And he speaks with unbridled truth and a jovial, comforting sincerity anyone who meets him will appreciate.

Stable footing in the West Virginia Mountains

Jared found stable footing in West Virginia. In more ways than one. After some very busy years managing sales at a large car dealership network in North Carolina, Jared came back to his home state of West Virginia for a simpler life, closer to family. It’s where he connected with WillowWood and built a life he now shares with a wife (his high school crush), a 4-year-old daughter who “never stops moving,” a 12-year-old daughter who loves softball and volleyball, and a 14-year-old son who Jared says is “a monster on the football field.”

“When I get home, I’m putting the tennis shoes on and I’m gonna be in the yard playing with the kids.”

Any given weekend may find Jared and his family, camping, hiking, playing pickup basketball, tossing the softball, or passing the football around in the yard. “Every day is a new adventure.”

Jared knows prosthetic feet. He’s been through more than a few. He says the Koa LP helps him keep pace with life as a regional account manager, an involved and active father, and a guy who loves the beautiful, but very uneven West Virginia terrain.

The Koa LP’s split-keel design provides comforting stability for Jared on the uneven terrain he encounters while hunting, fishing, and making the occasional journey into the golf course sand trap. He also likes the waterproof aspect of the foot, which he says he may have tested a time or two playing from the fringes of the water hazards.

“Walking on a cloud” in Almost Heaven

Jared says the Koa LP’s low build height allows him to pair the foot with WillowWood’s LimbLogic elevated vacuum system for a combination that’s like “walking on a cloud” compared with some foot experiences of the past.

“It feels more like I’m walking with my real leg. The heel to toe rollover is smooth and with the fiberglass construction, there’s really good energy return. It just feels natural.”

The perfect fit, all around

The Koa LP is a perfect fit for Jared. And Jared is a perfect fit for WillowWood. “I feel blessed and love it every day. It’s an amazing job.” The people at WillowWood feel equally blessed to have Jared as a part of the family. He’s a man with an infectious positive spirit and a mind to speak the truth. And he loves the Koa LP. If he didn’t, he’d let you know.

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