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RevoFit™ is your adjustable solution.

From comfort to your most challenging fit issues,

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I recently fit a patient using the Click Medical RevoFit™ system. He had an unusual residual limb contour distally; very bulbous with a sharp prominent tibia. He was able to don and doff without difficulty and tighten the fit and increase comfort. Without this system, I would not be able to fit this patient adequately and enable him to continue the activities of his daily life.
Thank you, Frank Rivas CP (Certified Prosthetist)

Whether you are a prosthetic socket user, a brace user, or an O&P (orthotics & prosthetics) clinician or technician, you too can experience the benefits of RevoFit™ adjustability.

From designs allowing various levels of volume adjustment, through to designs allowing easier "donning and doffing" (putting on and taking off) of sockets and braces, RevoFit™ technology is used in many ways to suit the needs of amputees and brace users. Through patented dial and lace technology, adjustability is controlled simply by clicking the dial down and turning it clockwise to tighten. Dial positions can be customised accordingly and tension released by pulling the dial out.

Originally designed for amputees' prosthetic sockets, RevoFit™ adjustability has evolved to be incorporated in orthotic (brace) applications also. As seen below, RevoFit™ technology is frequently built into custom laminated AFO (ankle foot orthosis) designs, for individuals with neuromuscular conditions.

For more information on RevoFit™ orthotic and prosthetic applications, and other Click Medical technologies in Australia and surrounding regions, contact Massons Healthcare or your prosthetic and orthotic clinical provider.

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